Saturday, 29 August 2015

How sad the word

How sad the word farewell is
Resonant of one last kiss
Now those happy times have gone 
And you've left me on my own

I look into your eyes once more
But you glance down at the floor
That sign says so much to me
A place where you'd rather be

I breathe you in one last time
No more sharing a glass of wine
And wish you well as best I can
We don't even touch our hands

Will you remember me one day?
And all that we did and say
Goodbye my little rosebud
Leave before my tears do flood

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  1. Love is hard to say farewell too...i love the notion of a little hints that things never bloomed as much as they might have..

  2. The picture is so perfect for your poem. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Perhaps it was never meant to be. Sad though.

  4. Some people are just not lucky in love .