Saturday, 8 August 2015

Old woman waiting

My old mind thinks back
It seems only yesterday
Times were different

I was different
Boy marked by another war
Privation still rife

Shortages everywhere
Our family had little
But the sun still shone

We walked everywhere
Looking at the empty shops
In early morning

Old woman waiting
To buy a stale loaf of bread
At the baker's shop

They sold at half price
She couldn't afford fresh one
How times have now changed

Image of 1940's postcard by D. Tempest found on


  1. I suppose in the literal sense we are not rationed and yet there are wars of inequality raging across the world..quite how much we can change that for ourselves is debatable..richness isn't in's in love and belonging which I sense in this piece

    1. You are right Jae, we haven't come far or eliminated all those and other problems after all these years, such as poverty in the richest nations and horrific weapons in the poorest.

  2. Many of us don't remember those very lean times. Thanks for the poignant poem.

  3. Sad thoughts of what ravages of war could bring. Poignant write oldegg!


  4. So much poverty is hidden in the richest nations. We are supposed to be the third richest country in the world yet I see people who look as if they would appreciate some fresh bread. Somehow ,for me at least ,it makes it all the more scandalous.