Saturday, 22 August 2015

I met Helen

It was a mistake
To take her to the ball game
She loved the pitcher

I couldn't match up
To that athletic hero
On the other team

So I drowned my thoughts
In the city library
I was lost in words

Drinking in the calm
The soothing quiet of books
I there met Helen

She too had a face 
For to launch a thousand ships
And such pretty hands

She nodded at me
When I suggested coffee
And we got on fine

I was not surprised
She told me she loved horses
I'll fight to keep her

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There are of course some allusions to the Greek story of Helen of Troy in this piece


  1. What a hero! I visited Troy earlier this year and I'm pretty sure I saw her in a coffee bar!

  2. Good've heard about Greeks bearing gifts, I presume:)