Wednesday, 26 August 2015

When I was a child

Except when I was a child I have always had a large nose.

My proboscis has projected from my face for all to see and turn their own noses up at the sight.

However my brain has compensated so I have always liked, loved, nay adored girls and women with cute little noses that would not clash with mine in any close encounter.

And so it was with ears too that my large flappers much like Dumbo's caused quite a stir too but not enough for me to fly with them.

You would have thought that with such large receptors my hearing would be acute but as the years passed so has the the reception of the spoken word.

So if you are talking please do not whisper but project your voice and there is a chance that I might hear you.

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NB, Neither picture shows the real me but one is close.


  1. You certainly have made yourself audible with this take on the prompt. :)

  2. ha. Or maybe I should say HA!

  3. Awesome!!! I've had the luxery of giving no thought to my my hips are another story!

  4. Yes, you have certainly projected well!

  5. Ha - terrific! Love the part about the complimentary noses.

  6. Now I'm missing the picture of the ears :-) Very ingenious use of the cue!!

  7. It is interesting to see what times does to our perspective of ourself. Features that once may have been a concern, just aren't as we mature. What matters most is the person inside. Great use of the prompt!

  8. Even as a child my nose was over large. You think boys have it tough? Try being a girl with a large nose.

  9. Dumbo was a perfect choice to illustrate this story. :)