Saturday, 30 May 2015

Cherries in her hat

I waited for her outside
She is late for her latte
This girl that I've dated
Is a bit arty-crafty

I like her so much
Should I buy her ring?
Now there is a thought
But she's covered with bling

She's got this gold chain
Somewhere there in with the rest
Fourteen carats so she says
But it's lost on her chest

I'm boiling just waiting here
Here she comes, thank goodness for that
Now here's a strange surprise
There are cherries in her hat!

She shows me her best smile
He teeth gleaming white
I say "I have to be nifty"
But that now leads to a fight

I really did like her
But this sequence of events
Shows I'm just not in her league
And that I've been so dense

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  1. Perhaps it's a lucky escape..she sounds a bit too shiny to be true..and wasting cherries on a hat when cakes could be made..sacrilege! ;)

  2. Nice! I can see this unfolding.

  3. Ah, she made him wait while he was boiling...good riddance to her, I say ;-)

  4. All that happened was for good, I would say.

  5. I LOVE this!!

  6. I L-❤❤❤-VE light rhyming poetry, done well. This is a treat! Very cool.

  7. This was delightful. Sometimes we just have to give up...especially one who wears cherries in her hat.

    Thanks for visiting.

  8. Your first stanza is particularly powerful. I love it.

  9. A match made in heaven... her with her cherry hat and bling and him the Hugh Hefner of the poetry world...! :)

  10. Poor guy ... I don't think he stood a chance ... from tardiness to bling and there there she is with cherries on her hat ... great write and a lot of fun!