Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I remember now

It was a fine morning
We set off early
Walking in the hills
Just Julie and me

Each too a backpack
Drink to quench our thirst
And some snacks of course
We were free, so free

We crossed the stiles then
Passed the still dark copse
A lark spied us both
Close, a buzzing bee

Now an uphill climb
Meadows scent now gone
Windswept trees were seen
Now there's rocky scree

We now stopped awhile
On a jagged col
Took a well earned rest
To seek the distant sea

We were out of breath
But she smiled at me
Look so intimate 
So I touched her knee

I remember now
Those days so long past
Our love in full bloom
And still yearn for thee

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  1. this beautiful and so melancholic

  2. You've got yearning down pat. Very melancholy.

  3. Very wistful. What a shame we can only move one direction in time.

  4. Copse meadow and larks make this an English setting. Wistful memories from your youth no doubt . No backpacks in those days...knapsacks methinks!:)

  5. You've inspired me to take a walk and enjoy all of the wonders available!

  6. So much beauty and love in your words. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. I remember that too ;) a good walk is always best shared