Monday, 11 May 2015

Wash Day

Apartment living
Was one of first to arrive
In my retirement

I waved to strangers
And explored the  new building
Before my wash day

Good a drying room
Dutifully did my wash
When it was needed

My moniker then
By other residents there
Made me laugh out loud

I was introduced
"Please meet you neighbor Old Egg
Does his wash Monday"

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  1. LOL luv the way you were introduced;
    Have a nice Monday, thanks for linking up at Monday WRites

    Much love...

  2. Really sweet and funny poem!

  3. This made me smile.

    Funny, (strange, not funny ha-ha) that is how we came about our last name...named by what we do.

  4. Thank you for visiting and for your wonderful comment.

  5. What a great picture. When we visited Naples, our guide talked about the hanging of the wash and the stories it told the neighbors.