Monday, 18 May 2015


'He's handsome' she thought
Glancing from the barista
Where she worked each day

Order slips came in
"Cappuccino number three"
That was his table

Smiling just for fun
She made a heart and arrow
In the froth for him

Now, would he notice?
As he read his newspaper
He might not see it

So busy today
She'd barely time to look up
Now she saw he'd gone

He hadn't noticed
She felt such disappointment
As she took her break

Next day he was back
Presented her with a rose
And smiled at her

She took his order
"You really are beautiful"
He said quietly

She loved that he was shy
So two birds faced each other
on the froth today


  1. How sweet. I am a fan of barista art, so this was a really fun read for me. But I don't think I'd call either one of them shy. :)

  2. That is such a delightful story, and I love the picture of the hearts in the foam.

  3. Beautiful indeed! What a sweet tale of the beginnings of what just might turn out to be a love story. I liked this very much, Old Egg!

  4. Sweet poem. I love this story of a couple meeting and falling in love. This was a very enjoyable read. :)

  5. What a sweet story! I had to smile throughout reading it. A really feel good story. Thank you - a little extra light in my day.

  6. Love the romance of the story. I'm not sure there is enough of it these days.