Monday, 25 May 2015

Heaven Sent

Old man stood on the busy street
As commuters passed by his feet
There a frown always on his face
For none bought from him at that place

He stayed there all that long day
Until the sunshine turned to gray
For he was that funny old fella
That all day long sold umbrellas

At spots of rain he'd nod his head
But when it poured a smile would spread
Shoppers their homeward path would wend
Now people were happy for to spend

T'was not long before he'd sold out
Rain was gushing from each water spout
He left for home and prayed as he went
For that good rain was heaven sent

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  1. What a wonderful optimistic pessimist.

  2. Optimism is the base for any entrepreneur, right? Loved the poem.

  3. Rain is a great blessing for this man. :-)

  4. I love it! I am totally smiling now!

  5. At least the rain makes someone happy. (lol) You found the perfect photo to accentuate your poem. Thanks for the new perspective.

  6. Great fun, his business was totally dependent on foul weather, so for him the rain was indeed good reason to smile! I wish we would have had him outside our building today when I got off work... my umbrella was in the car... across the parking lot... during the downpour! I could have used a spare! :-)