Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Boys of yesterday

I was a weedy child; a little runt in days long gone
Food was rationed, candy too for the war was on
But Dad had a garden where vegetables he grew
It was our job to pull out weeds, as well we knew

It was much more fun for us boys to run and play
Down in the dark woods by the creek and stay all day
We'd climb the trees and scare the squirrels with our din
Sting our legs on nettles then be late home again

We'd push and shove for this is what boys do at play
How we tussled until Mother saw us and did say
"You are a pair, where have you been? Why do you roam?
Don't you know your father is already home?

We were sent to get washed up before dinner time
She pointed to the clock and warned "before Six's chime"
Dad gave us both a wink over the newspaper's top
She glared at him "They skipped the weeding, that's got to stop"

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  1. What was the old saying "growing like weeds"?
    I think as children we appreciated when we could run wild.
    A fine memory - I imagine you and your brother had grand times.

  2. Ha, as the saying goes 'boys will be boys.' Your childhood environment with trees and creek and squirrels was MUCH more inviting than stooping over a a weedy patch, of course. Smiles.

  3. I enjoyed this memory so much! Weedy boys know the value of letting weeds roam! The setting of war and need completes the picture. (I hope in the next verse, the boys do not get punished.)

  4. "Growing like weeds", I guess when we are children we tend to run about wild and free :D there is no sense of inhibition or fear... children are known to be brave and adventurous :D Loved this poem!

  5. Fun that you used a "weedy child" and weeding in your poem. So cute and so true to boys in the summer.

  6. I like that wink...all too much time for weeding when we are 'grown-up'...running and playing is the order of the day when young (and sometimes when old) ;)

  7. "They skipped the weeding, that's got to stop"....awwww...mothers will be mothers...thank God we all have some lovely childhood memories to relive and cater the joy to the others...

  8. Loved Mary's comment 'boys will be boys.' So very true, but your poem reminded me of summer visits to my grandmother's farm. So much fun collecting weeds and turning them into a fully prepared dolls dinner!!!
    Those were the days:)

  9. I loved this look at a happy boyhood. My kids HATED pulling weeds, so I didnt ask them to do it very often.........down by the creek sounds like a wonderful place to play.

  10. I love this poem, think it's one your best. Enjoyed the picture of your childhood, playing and exploring the way most kids nowadays cannot do.

  11. I enjoyed the lightheartedness and fun of this loving poem. (This is Debi - it says anon?)

  12. LOL luv that wink you boys got

    Much love...

  13. So cute. Father knows the boys need their adventures. Lovely peek into memories.

  14. What a lovely slice of life you've served up here :)

  15. Father's know many things. Its a great poem you've written.

  16. Enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Well penned !

  17. What a delightful poem! I had to read it and re-read it because it reminded me much of my own childhood...