Monday, 4 May 2015

And the child slept on

Warm and safe for now
Babe suckled at mothers breast
Hidden, free from harm

They had traveled far
To flee the rebels gunfire
With nowhere to go

The smoke and the screams
Were left behind them now
And dead father too

Now in cover laid 
Wounded woman breathed her last
As trucks rumbled by

And the child slept on
Soldiers scoured the drains for mines
Two bodies were found

Attached to her breast
Orphan with no history
To start life anew

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  1. I'm sad that scenes like this have been repeated many times in various places in the world...

  2. this is so painfully sad. It breaks my heart to think of how some are forced to be living and dying.

  3. Ivy used the right word...painful. So hard for us to imagine some of the horror in those countries.

  4. War brings so much pain. You have captured raw emotions here, thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh how incredibly sad. That photo so disturbing and hauntingly painful.

  6. Intensely moving! What a powerful message you've conveyed with your words. A mother will indeed care for her child with her last dying breath. It is tragic that we live in a world where we know this continues to happen. And what of the child who will never know how very much he was loved? Excellent work, Old Egg.

  7. My heart breaks whenever I see the news on TV about these violence everywhere. No matter which country one is in, there are conflicts, be it politics, religion or natural disasters

  8. The plight of refugees is truly horrific. I appreciate the effort to walk in those shoes, albeit briefly. I think we must do so.