Thursday, 28 May 2015

I have this crush

Pardon me for being in a rush
It's just that I have this crush
On this girl that's such a lush
I glanced at her and she did blush
That even made my face to flush
So our date is why I'm in this rush

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  1. Good fortune tends to be smiling! Blessings for a wonderful relationship!


  2. I am laughing ! I love that she's such a lush!....maybe shes luscious too? Thank you so much for joining in. You were someone I was really hoping would come for the reopener of Josie brainchild! I always enjoy reading your creations.

  3. I love your rushing rhyme. The flow of the poem matches your mood. Do you list the rhyming words first and then the poem flows?

    1. Yes, I did this time. However I can never be sure where my brain will take me!

  4. Oh, a poem! Good idea for the 6 sentences! I like the happy feeling of this post.

  5. If one is going to be in a rush, this is most certainly a good reason! :-))

  6. Ah, sweet and cute poem! The pace kind of feels like there is that flushed hurrying of expectation. Nicely done!