Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The games we play

She looked at his eyes
They blazed with evil intent
It was frightening

He'd not yet seen her
Safe in the laundry basket
Peeping through the slats

He snorted out loud
Frustrated not finding her
She tried not to breathe

The curtains were pulled
She thought Jill had hidden there
But once more he groaned

Where are you, Dammit!"
He muttered out loud once more
And stomped from the room

She said not a word
As the door opened again
"I've caught you" he laughed

She did not relax
But heard Melanie sighing 
From under the bed

Now she was the last
Time was surely at an end
A drink was needed

Could she still hang on?
Cramped in her tight nest
To win this fun game

Image found www.oracleoffilm.com

Note: the game suitable for Adults and Teens is like hide and seek but inventiveness is the key to being undiscovered. Once my daughter hid on top the fridge in the kitchen and no-one found her even when the lights were turned on!


  1. A mass murderer or a drunk babysitter? Oh, it's a game. I'll go with the drunk babysitter. "Dammit"

  2. A lot of dangerous intent here and the mystery remains unanswered. It lengthened the expectations which creates excitement!


  3. You had me going there Old Egg, my mind conjuring up images of an intruder or an abusive parent. The ending was a relief! I can see where "hiding in plain sight" might be a great deal of fun! :-)

  4. Seemed a very dark story for you. But then you came through with a happy ending. A fun game!