Sunday, 24 May 2015

Maggie May

Now I remember Maggie May
Was told to call her Auntie
Why not? She was one to me 
She was always busy but sad
But had time enough for this lad

Country cottage where she lived
Rough stone walls like her worn hands
She had a deep guttural laugh
She spoke to me without cease
Crooning like a warm sheep's fleece

She'd raised one of those there too
Who was watchful as a guard dog
That would butt all intruders
Diving at any legs he'd see
Except for mine 'cos he knew me

I used to walk up there alone
She welcomed me like a son
And would always touch my face
I knew that she loved me then
With her it was just heaven

Monday was her washing day
Sheets were bleached, rinsed then wrung too
I helped to peg them out to dry
She'd be humming some love song
And hugging me for far too long

Indoors we was busy too
I'd sort buttons, cottons and all
And was allowed to poke the fire
But sat down as she mended socks
To sort out her needlework box

With all her indoor chores now done
Out came cards or dominoes
She was no fool at any game
I found new methods how to play
Oh, how I miss my Maggie May

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  1. Every picture tells a story - and yet i think this is a different type of love...a foundation..and a home

  2. This story rings with such authenticity and truth that the words given you for the whirlgig fit seamlessly into it and don't feel forced in there even in the slightest. Beautiful memoir story.

  3. My comment was eaten by a Googlebug. Congratulations on creating a real person from these motley words

  4. What a wonderful memory. I think we are lucky to both have an "aunt" in our lives like that.

    Thanks for visiting.

  5. An enjoyable read. Lovely quintains unfolding memories. I like those last two lines rhyming, as well.

  6. 'And hugging me for far too long' - how that took me back! It was an unappreciated act of love and something I'd forgotten about; it happened so often!
    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  7. This feels like a story song. Well done. Love that "hugging me for far too long." I think we ALL had that aunt!

  8. That is a very sweet memory you have there Old Egg! :) I enjoyed reading it.. smiles!

  9. Lovely memories of an age where people made time for each other. You would miss her a lot. Lovely lady and a surprisingly very sweet little boy as well .

  10. I like the idea of a "watch-sheep." Any idea where I can get one for myself?