Monday, 1 June 2015

Jack has wandered off

I've this craze for a jumble sale
Bargains can be found in the junk
A book you have longed to read
Or that brooch you really need

This photo frame; is it gilt?
Just two dollars that is cheap
Who were the pair pictured here?
A loving couple of yesteryear

Husband Jack has now wandered off
Can't abide week-end sales these days
He's now walked off down the street
Oh, this Teddy bear is so sweet

Where is Jack? These bags are heavy
What a lovely day it has been
A coffee now and donut to dunk
Ah, here he comes, I think he's drunk

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  1. Great poem, Old Egg. I love me a flea market outing with my husband. He looks at tools, I look at books and chotchkies . As "they" say, one man's junk is another man's treasure.

  2. I can relate to both the lady and Jack. -- Not that I drink while my partner is shopping... :-)

  3. Hey, this guy was at my yard sale!

  4. Loved this Old Egg! I'm not much of a weekend sale shopper, because I end up taking home things I really don't need, but my older sister shops them all, then resells the best bargains at her own sale later on! I feel for the poor husband in tow in your poem, I think she should let him go have a beer with his friends and her go shopping alone! :-)

  5. Sometimes it is fun to wander flea markets and such. But maybe Jack had a better time.