Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Just where were you?

I didn't even know her name
But she looked up and blushed
As I came in that crowded room
Her face hauntingly beautiful
It was her dark eyes of course
Sadness or longing, I know not what
I so wanted to be by her side
On an impulse I approached her
Introduced myself and spoke idly
About art and photography
Which was why we both were there
But she knew what my game was
As I lingered still talking away
"You must know that I am married"
She said, coloring up as she spoke
Revealing her own interest
But not her disappointment
That I had been so bold today
She held up her hand for me
To others, a formal goodbye
But we both needed that touch
That intimacy of forbidden love
As once again she spoke to me
"Just where were you a year ago?"
She whispered tears in her eyes
"When I made the wrong decision"

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  1. Oh, my...decisions and regret! Very emotional and very sad.

  2. Love the image of "spoke idly
    About art and photography" ...
    It's impossible to lock one's heart...

  3. Hm. If it was a wrong decision, it can be unmade. Perhaps he will wait. Then again, maybe it was this sort of impulsiveness that created her current problem. ;-)

  4. Decision in a hurry or decision not thought out fully! Either way it is a decision regretted. Perhaps unwittingly it was a measure of some lost opportunity.


  5. Good use of the words. Forbidden love provides the basis for a lot of good French novels.

    1. Well I have certainly read a lot of those!

  6. What a last line - although most mistakes can be rectified..what an engaging story/poem