Sunday, 3 May 2015

Singing in the car

Clothes strewn on the floor
Church bells calling some to prayer
Latin lover laughs

Her eyes look around
Tiny opening in drapes
As man still sleeps on

She now leaves the bed
Touching the ornaments
Toes deep in soft rug

Looks all round the house
Smiling, feeling everything
Eyes drinking it up

Enters the kitchen
Opening the cupboards
In her element

She checks his pantry
Dips her finger in honey
Nibbles a biscuit

Could she live this life?
Remembering her old home
Those tears on her cheek

All the rows back then
So tired of the endless fights
She must keep moving

Level headed now
She showered quickly, got dressed
Then took her money

When he woke up
She was fifty miles away
Singing in the car

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  1. curious about her old home :)

  2. This would make a great beginning for a movie!

  3. I wonder about both the before and the after of this poem.

  4. love that last line, how it ends..

  5. Oh so many blank spaces to fill in. I love those open ends.

  6. ah she's a free spirit; a surprising ending, just didnt know where the story line would take us

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  7. Intriguing story. Love how you used "rows".

  8. Oh you caught me off guard with that ending .....did not see the money exploring a new lover's place.

  9. Hmm. Interesting. This left a lot of curiosity behind. Nice how you describe her thoughts and create mystery. I like this.

  10. 50 miles away, singing in he car - this was a cool capture, Robin..........a little vignette. I enjoyed it.

  11. Yes - completely agree with Sherry - great story - keenly drawn - I am along for the ride with you and with her :)

  12. There's something about this poem that reminds me very much of the story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." Maybe it was the sampling of the honey, although in the Goldilocks story, porridge was the sampled item. Quite a delightful little tale you've told here!

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  13. Nicely captured moment....

  14. I find myself wondering if she was 50 miles away singing in her car or in his car.....this piece evokes so much curiosity!!

  15. Goldilocks? Gosh, what a possibility. I wonder whether he would have liked her to stay or if it was entirely her choice? With such past experience it would take more than honey or money to make her stay. Good story.

  16. Speaks to the 'how we can only guess at another persons life' -
    Also reminds me of a movie I saw where this gal who was ill only lived with the gent for a year, when day 365 came...even with all of his begging - she still left. Though your gal is a tad different, with only a little glimpse into her back ground. Freedom is a huge pull.

    Thanks for your visit.

  17. Smooth get-a-way....I liked it.

  18. I love seeing where poets go with the 12 words--each seems so completely different. Yours flows so well and I liked the way you told the story.

  19. I somehow started imagine the story from the masterfully captured our attention...very cool!

  20. Singing in her car, 50 miles away, obviously answers the question: no, she could not live like that!


  21. Interesting look at that kind of life.

  22. Interesting ... I like how you create a whole story without really telling about her past ... nice write!