Saturday, 28 March 2015

Wind in my hair

Whistling welcome
I love the wind in my hair
On a cool spring day

Blow, blow, blow away
Winter's ails and memories
Show me life again

Maybe love as well
To refill my aching heart
Even a warm kiss

Yes, sun will do that
But I need a pretty girl
To give one to me

There's one on the heath
She's up there ahead of me
Pretty as a picture

Image of Monet's painting found at


  1. She is definitely pretty as a picture, and I loved your 'springy' poem.

  2. May the wind always blow out the old and blow in the new. I hope 'love' is blown your way this spring.

  3. :) this is such a great transition into spring

  4. :) this is such a great transition into spring

  5. A tempting offer on that hill..i hope it is full of satisfaction..and fun!

  6. I really enjoyed this : ) What a lovely piece!

  7. Maybe the wind will blow her your way!

  8. It isn't spring where you are, but it is here, and this is a lovely poem for weather such as I've been experiencing.