Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Like an Autumn leaf

I hated to see you go
Just like an autumn leaf
You slipped from my arms
And were lost to me...forever

We were young then
I couldn't believe that you
And I were a couple
So comfortable did I feel...foolishly

This tall tree became gaunt
Like a pine tree just holding on
To the needles of despair
Shedding them slowly...until now

For countless years later
You've swept away the past
Whispering though the branches
Teasing my memories...of you

Of how we held hands
I'd look into your eyes
And caress your soft skin
Once I had kissed your lips...with love

Now you have waved from afar
To delight this old man
Little do you realise
How precious you are still...to me

Image found at www.nobodyhikesinla.com


  1. Lovely poem. My favorite line is "Whispering through the branches, Teasing my memories of you." After reading your marvelous poem, I'm a little unsure of the one I published. Have a stellar week.

  2. So much love and passion in your lines...Very well done!

  3. Another heart warming poem from you with it's reflection on lost love. Very nice.

  4. I like the last part. -- It reminds me of someone I know.

  5. You have a wonderful way with words. Your poems are so complex in their simplicity. Rare to find and very welcome.

  6. The softest of romantic memories that remain sweet forever. Your love stories always take my breath away with their conveyance of emotion that is so palpable and real! This takes us all back to our own distant memories!

  7. Lovely. I think we all have one or two like that, whose regard will always be just a little more special than most.