Saturday, 7 March 2015

Now but memories

I cry tears of grief
While my house burns down
Heaven is now gone

As has our laughter
For you have left me alone
Hope in the trash can

Darkness all around
Stars do not shine anymore
Now your ship has sailed

Once there was heaven
When we laughed with happiness
Now but memories

But are they enough
Will your star shine more brightly
For my aching heart?

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  1. What I really want to know is: Will somebody rebuild that burned-down house? ;)

  2. So sad. I read the reference to the burning house as a metaphor, but whether it was or not it was really poignant.

  3. Freedom comes from the fall...maybe that star needs a new place to shine to and for...but she will always be there...looking over....keeping things safe despite the flames and sadness

  4. Physical things have a remarkable ability to help us recall fond memories. It's hard to be left without those touchstones, which is why their loss feels so tragic, even though everything turns to ash and dust eventually.