Monday, 9 March 2015

It isn't fair

Poor Alice hated her name                                   
And needed someone to blame               
Old fashioned she thought it was
Had no street cred or a buzz
Like Poppy who was her cuz

It wasn't like she had another
Like Jake who was her brother
His other name was Antony
Thus his nickname was Macaroni
But she called him boney Tony

“It isn’t fair” she did pout
Until her mum had to sort it out
“You have my dear sister’s name
Who you will have to blame
She was a singer of much acclaim”

Alice then soon brightened up
As her thoughts now did gallop
One day she could be famous too
A lawyer, doctor, who knows who
Even a vet that worked in a zoo!

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  1. That's nice! Hope Alice gets to do what she likes! :)
    Cool pic.

  2. Fun to see you post a rhyming poem. The picture is kind of freaky!

  3. Maybe Alice will be a snake charmer. Or the next Alice Cooper. lol

  4. What's in a name? Whatever magic we want to claim! I think most of us at one time or another have wished for another name, I like that indigenous tradition of giving new names to individuals when they move from childhood into adulthood. I chose a new name for myself be means of a pen name that suits me better than my legal one I think! :-)

  5. It takes time to grow into our names, I think.