Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Not yet dawn

It was not yet dawn
A beautiful hushed silence
Broken by a scream

The night creatures ruled
Not yet annoyed by the light
I was still in bed

But it was just me
One more restless night of pain
Instead of sweet dreams

Age does weary me
My only comfort is the past
When dawn then brought hope

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Please no messages of concern; I don't pick the words, Thom does!


  1. I've never been a big fan of dawn, but I can sure relate to the pain.

  2. Love the last verse.... Sort of shows the transition the meaning of dawn has undergone

  3. it's terrible to think that because of age you'd lose all hope but great lines. I'm an optimist by nature and believe that tomorrow always brings new challenges and also new joys.

  4. Under those circumstances, dawn would be an ugly thing, for sure.

  5. Despite the dark all the troublesome things in life seem to shine more fiercely at night..

  6. Fortunately dawn never wearies me and still brings with it hope and eager anticipation of what is to come.

  7. Despite emotional irritations one can still hope for a wonderful life on waking up every morning. Isn't it nice to look to lots of eventualities. Nice thoughts oldegg!


  8. This is one I can go along with completely. In other words - Snap!

  9. i like the third verse, nice post

    1. I liked it too. If you are blessed with good health the gods are truly smiling on you. Glad this only fiction...the truth is... it would not be for some !