Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I liked her

I saw her sitting there                     
Proud, arrogant almost                  
She was the first women               
In our organisation to given               
A high management job              
I liked her                                          
She eyed me suspiciously            

Door open to her office                  
I walked in and sat down               
To discuss my problem                  
The window behind her                
Luckily I didn’t laugh                      
I liked her                                          
Ignored chip on her shoulder       

She was clearly on trial                 
And had to act like a man              
In this office of men                        
As we got down to business         
She relaxed just a little                   
I liked her                                          
So gradually she changed            

She would always greet me
To have a chat when we met
Even told me where she lived
And shared the office gossip
Wonder what happened to her
I liked her
And the first among many

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  1. It was hard for women when they rose to positions of power. I think some felt they had to act like men, be tough........she felt your goodness and relaxed. Nice one, Robin.

  2. How wonderful a reflection on the day of a woman who made an impression on you.

  3. The repetition you employ works well to frame the story...I imagine that must have been a pretty daunting task for her.

  4. I like her transition reflected in your words...

  5. Having to act like a man among men, that says it all. Good thing you were around.

  6. Some workplaces are still tough for women, but at least things have gotten better.

  7. It is good to be liked...let's the defences down and allows room for difference and acceptance

  8. Older men still find it difficult taking directions from women. Younger men are more acclimatised to gender merging roles. Having said this there are still too few women operating at the top end.It will be a slow progress.

  9. I like your use of repetition in this piece.

  10. I thought there will come this tag at the end.."to be contd" did it so well, and i was craving for more...Brilliantly done!

  11. Lovely poem ... and I too wonder what became of her ...