Saturday, 21 March 2015

Fool that I am

What a fool I am
To let such powers me rule
In my wildest dreams

Just when was it last?
That I could sleep all night through
Free of your tongues lash

My heart burns with grief
As beginnings reach their end
Proving feet of clay

That is life, my friend
I've lost it's true; for you have
Stole my heart away

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  1. Egg I like this interpretation of the wordle words. You have stolen OR You stole ???

    1. I had to restrict myself to 5 syllables in the haiku. So that is poetic licence!

    2. Give yourself the freedom to ignore restrictions (eg syllable count) - it's the poem that's important, not the rule!

  2. This reads like some mythic feels like that at times...and yet it is usually our feet that leads us down the path of clay..a nice hot shower to wash away the mud and a good DVD to lift the mood - so says Alice...

  3. Actually had to read and re-read (and I rarely do that). Beautiful. Got stuck on what appeared to be a missing 's in the second stanza the first time reading, but when re-reading I realised it could be read either way... Anyway, love it! Didn't even notice I was reading Haiku until I read the comments (and for me that is high praise) ;).

  4. Tongue lashings keeping one up at night? Ugh. No way to live. Great sting of haiku here.

  5. Like how you strung these words and lines together. However, I'm with Viv on this one. Rules are made to be broken, it is the poem and the sense it makes that is important,


  6. Love can be cruel, but it's a cruelty we inflict upon ourselves. What a shame it's so difficult to walk away from this sort of self-punishment.

  7. It could be a good thing to lose this way, you know.