Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A long wait

How envious I was
Of the girl up our rough road
I was so forlorn

She had many dolls
Messy me, never had one
Just cars and soldiers

My mum saw my grief
Calculating, asked girl’s Ma
"Is there a spare one?"

Shock! Girl shook her head
Had to wait a few more years
To get a real one

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  1. I loved this...speaks volumes.

  2. If my son had actually ever expressed an interest in a doll, I'd have gotten it for him. Maybe he didn't because he already had a huge menagerie of stuffed animals.

  3. How sad. I would have shared.

  4. A living doll is anywhere a blessing to the innocent boy growing up! In that age of curiosity both would want to know more about relationships. Great lines oldegg!


  5. aww, sweet messy you. so sorry, she should have shared

  6. I'm sure the real one was worth the wait and much more fun!

  7. Always amazing how heartbreak becomes so beautiful in written words.

  8. She had so many dolls, yet spared not even a one. Expresses volumes.
    Nice that a real doll was in the fate. Sweet are the fruits of patience & hard-work :)

  9. It is so wrong how there are boy toys and girl toys...nothing wrong with either for boys or girls...

  10. I always wanted cars and soldiers but got dolls! If I'd known you then we could have swapped!

  11. Love the statement this poem makes. My brother and I played with each other's toys. I played with his tanks he played with my dolls soon it became our toys, we forgot whose were whose. We had a lot of fun. No one should decide that toys are girls or boys toys they're toys.

  12. I think it's great if children from either gender get to experience all sorts of toys.