Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Man's Day

                      "In Bed" by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

He left early for work
She got him his breakfast
The children were crying
He knew what time he had
A quick peck to the cheek
"I'll see you tonight"
And then he was gone

She wondered what he did
As she washed the kids
Dressed and then fed them
Two would go to school
That left baby and her
To think of her man at work
Did he ever think of her?

Did he brag about them?
Tell others of his children
Or did he just keep quiet
As he earned his pay
He didn't talk much
Couldn't even save much
With five mouths to feed

What she did lke though
Was he touched her face 
As he came through the door
Took hold of the little one
Lifting her up laughing
Before hugging the others
As they clamored around

Later when all were quiet
Asleep in their little beds
They would talk a little
Not about much at all
Then they would go to bed
He'd draw pictures on her back
And she knew he loved her

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  1. Oh. What a wonderful approach to this challenge! Giving her a priileged point of view and not talking about perfection gives me an intimate vantage point for this tale of a stay-at-home mom who finds the good in her relationship with the working-world father of her children. He touches those he loves in beautiful ways. Thank you.

  2. Sometimes we don't need that many words..if love is there so certainly it just is...constant..reliable..reassuring...shared and known

  3. It feels the love is real in this family...

  4. This is a beautiful picture of the family. One I can relate to well.

  5. This brings drew his portrait so beautifully.

  6. Talking about not much at all while drawing pictures on her's really's those little things that make up the big love!!

  7. Oh my goodness, this is the life I once dreamed of. Sigh. So beautiful. A phenomenal man he was!!!!!! And his wife knew it. And knew she was loved.

  8. The verse is great, but the image....wonderful.

  9. Lovely stuff OE.

    I guess us girlies - speaking as one - often fail to see that our menfolk do not necessarily want the life that they have, as in the workplace - but someone has to bring home the bacon. (My husband taught me this.)

    Life is not a bowl of cherries for either gender - but love and appreciation of each other is.

    Anna :o]

  10. The painting " In Bed " is actually a painting of two lesbians from a brothel .
    Just sayin' ~

    1. Ssh! It is the image and impression that counts.

    2. It's a wonderful painting but I think your lovely poem would have been better illustrated with a man and woman .

  11. love the soft beauty sketched here and so ought to be like that...

  12. i echo susan's comments. you depicted a common dad and a wife and mother who saw his good points

    gracias for sharing