Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Pins and needles

It gives me pins and needles
To think of others needless plight
When we are full and happy
And can always sleep at night

It makes me giddy with anger
To think that many starve
As I live the life of plenty
Yet they have no meat to carve

Nor yet is there clean water
For them to drink their fill
I see the children crying 
The wind blows in death's chill

I do not believe in lending
If such help cannot be returned
But gladly give with compassion
A conscience free thus earned

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  1. Yes, it's important to reach out and help others, no strings attached. It's important to provide the right kind of help, too. I so often read of "help" that provides a meal for today but no means to get another tomorrow.

  2. A Chinese proverb says, "If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime."

    We must learn to give knowledge along with things.

    Heart wrenching poem, well said.

  3. My conscience is too slippery. Either it isn't satisfied with what little I have done, or thinks I've over done it, and can change opinion without warning.

  4. What a wonderful flow to this considered piece..true enough that problems aren't solved in the long term by giving the surface's about giving back the tools to build and flourish - which as first worlders we probably took away in the first place

  5. It is a hard thing to consider.....

  6. poverty is forcing many to a horrible life we must do something for their plight in whatever way we should contribute

    Lost In Her Eyes

  7. Very right. I share your sentiments...