Wednesday, 25 March 2015

In a distant cemetery

                                        Kanchanaburi War Cemetery

What value is freedom?
Only those know
Who have lost theirs
A child shut in his room
Even a dog in a shed
Or yet a man in prison
Especially one in wartime
Fighting for his country
Like uncles of mine
Some who came back
With that look on their faces
Yet there were others too
Who did not return home
Not heroes there but slaves
Underfed and ill treated
Against the rules of war
To die beaten, tortured
Thinking of their children
And their wives at home
With no resting place
Save a white stone slab
In a distant cemetery
To show their service
Freedom for their children
To fight yet more wars

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  1. What an inspiring combination of two elements - captivity and freedom.
    Great piece of work!

  2. Yes. Sadly this is the cycle humans have chosen. We need a better idea. And worse goes on in wars than anyone coming back will ever talk about.

  3. Ouch. And worse than war itself is the cycle of war and the POW experience. You clarify that here. I value freedom, but sometimes I forget to value it and then I hear stories like this and hold on to my freedom and sanity for dear life. Thanks OE!

  4. And so the cycle continues, because for all our cleverness, we still manage to learn nothing.

  5. And will it ever be enough! Not as long as there are those that profit from these wars- for political or economic gain or worse...what a sorry mess!

  6. that's very painful to think how helpless one can be during the time of war...

  7. Sadly it is acutely seems war will never end in whatever paucity...tenderly written Old Egg

  8. men love war so very much so the story of captivity will never end and neither will these heartbreaking images...the title says it all...

  9. Beautifully written, and what a beautiful place to rest in peace.

  10. So the fox hole and the iron bars are brothers. I can see it.

  11. Heard about time when the soldiers will disarm on the field...listening to their inner truth and walk back home...all in same time ...everywhere...and nobody will try to stop them....I'm believer....

  12. This can actually open up a whole discourse of ethics ...Brilliant!! Every tale touches a nerve and the reader responds.. Your narration is brilliant and neatly wrapped. Thanks for sharing... :)

  13. Well written. May we find a way to break the cycle one day.

  14. You have shown what captivity can do to a person...they are forever changed & cannot lose that look on their faces. Very sad ending..."Freedom for their children to fight yet more wars."

  15. So sad to think that warriers fight so that their children will have the freedom to fight. Ironic but true thus far in this humanity's history. Maybe someday all will disarm.

  16. So many levels of imprisonment... A jail within a jail within a jail... Made me think! Lovely!

  17. Yes the freedom others fight for can seem much like a chain.