Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Miles Apart

How I love this girl
Who lives far away from me
Across that wide sea

She is so petite
Her little hands a delight
A smile just for me

But she lives alone
In a land of chilly hills
That would not suit me

One day I'll see her
How glorious that would be
Will she come? We'll see

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  1. Now, that's a distance romance with an extra challenge thrown in! As an aside, I once new a guy in Boston who briefly dated a schoolteacher on Nantucket. In winter, Nantucket is often closed off to the mainland. It quickly became more than he was willing to deal with, although I personally would love to live on a quaint historic island.

  2. aw a long distance relationship they're hard to sustain

  3. Perhaps people can come in mind if not in body.... I hope so...