Monday, 30 March 2015

I woke from my dream

I woke from my dream
You had fooled me again
For you were not there

Yet I breathed you in
Your warmth always by my side
Your gentle heartbeat

You walk by my side
You are here in everything
That I see and touch

You left me alone
A houseful of memories
A heart in darkness

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  1. This made me tear up. So lovely.

  2. A very lovely tribute, but very sad. Have a happy day, my friend.

  3. A very sad poem. It is in those moments when we first awaken, between the unconscious and the conscious that we feel our departed loved ones close by. Lovely.

  4. Touching poem.
    Inexplicable why God does this... Living without a loved one is so tough...

  5. Dreams like that can feel so real, and are so heartbreaking when you wake up. What I like about this poem, Old Egg, is the depth of love that created such a void when one departed. Beautiful piece!