Wednesday, 18 March 2015

In Sun's warm light

Sun, you warm my body
But not so my heart
You shine on me
But that’s not enough
Where is she gone?
Where does she bask?
Why are you so bright?
Yet you answer not
When I stare at you
Behind a cloud you hide
With the truth in shade

The wind does tell
Of so many tales
Like him I do rage
He whistles up a storm
That clouds my mind
With thunder's shout
To make me think
Of many other things
As I stand alone
But I’ll not be fooled
By nature's wiles

I will bring her back
From Hades grip
Unlike Orpheus
I have no lyre to play
But will rescue her
From that dark realm
To bask yet again
In Sun's warm light
In my loving arms
She’ll be embraced
Forever and a day

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  1. Wow! If the sun continues to shine, it will shine on thee! I like the three part story here and "But I’ll not be fooled
    By nature's wiles"--whether storm rages or sun glows, nature is trying to please the speaker. I love that!

  2. "I will bring her back from Hades" unusual thought for sure. I love the picture you have posted to accompany this lovely story.

  3. Sometimes we cannot rescue ourselves - it's nice to think when needed someone else can help us

  4. The sad note is deeply touching and the yearning is palpable...

  5. Love the heroic character of narrator, who is ready to defend his love from 'nature's wiles' .

  6. so many memories that we have (and lose) in the sun. A lovely romantic poem.

  7. Oh Gosh! What imagery!
    Remarkable work!

  8. Oh if only we could bring them back into the sunshine again. Poignant, Robin.

  9. I love the taste of mythology that you brought!

  10. I love the Orpheus reference. Such a powerful tale of love and of our own foolishness.

  11. In Sun's warm light
    In my loving arms
    She’ll be embraced
    Forever and a day"..The love, warmth and security of each word is comforting....beautifully penned.

  12. for a moment the sun will blind you and when everything settle down... your vision is way clearer. love this one.

  13. Like the twist on the Persephone story. Hades grip is too tight. He never lets go!

  14. What power in the concepts expressed.

  15. Nice, I love the warmth of the sun in the ending lines ~


  16. Old Egg,

    Sad when a love has been lost and remains in mind and with a great yearning, no matter what the weather. So well told through this poetic form...