Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Talking about money

I don't like talking about money
It makes me feel quite funny
And my eyes go all runny
Because it is a tool which
Is but a toy of the filthy rich
Not you and I, just gives us an itch

We're encouraged to bank our money
We do, like a silly bunnies
Which they think is very funny
They'll use it to fund bigger things
Make big profit, their wives do sing
But our cash's value has taken wings

As cost of living is on the rise
Which of course is no surprise
The banks may well be telling lies
Wish I had the sense of my Grandma
Who hid her money in a huge jar
Used it to buy a Rolls Royce car!

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  1. Oh, laughing! I hope it's true about Grandma. But I'm sober at the truth your poem brings out, how our money is being used for someone else's advantage. That's true of taxes, too. And so we do not ask for entitlements, only what's due. Your Grandma was one smart lady!

  2. The income imbalance in the world and the problems of inequality are worsening into a toxic mix that could prove dangerous (entering this comment for the third time...hope they all don't show up together!)

  3. Sometimes a jar turns out to be the safest place for the little cash that many of us have.

  4. Nice write Robin


  5. or under the bed, stuffed in the mattress .. or in a sock, hidden in the closet ....

    for as lyrical as the poem is, it does offer the grimmer reality of how money "disappears" .... maybe we should all just pay with "monopoly money" and see what happens?

  6. Funny! Money can't by love, sang John Lennon.

  7. Money went farther in her day. Smiles. My grandparents were very thrifty, lived very modestly. They would be appalled at the cost of things today, i know i am.

  8. Oh, yes, that is the truth about capital — its flow through the banking system benefits the already privileged and rich. A very well penned verse. And I guess we should after all heed your Grandma! :-)

  9. True! That's how the bankers dupe us:(
    Grandma was wiser:):)

  10. Love this, Robin. Even if it isn’t true, I just loved that ending.