Sunday, 14 October 2018

Keep still

The best thing in life is just to keep still
For then you can observe what you will
Be it ants or beetles doing what they care
Or watching birds flying high in the air

Even in the busy streets and shopping malls
Or in a produce market's bustling stalls
Suavely dressed or in workman's clobber
All happy children, except one sobber

Quick look now! For there is a snatch and grab!
While the victim weeps and her eyes does dab
Oblivious busker's music still plays
Victim and robber now gone for the day

Down by the river bank all is quiet
A lone Egret watches the water yet
Waiting for a fish to catch for his tea
Meanwhile the Mallard ducks quack happily

Then one warm summer day on beaches strand
Sunglasses on, relaxed with book at hand
Watch the brown tanned bodies pass you by
Keep still and observe, all will please your eye

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  1. Yes, sometimes the best thing is to keep still and observe what is in one's surroundings. There is so much beauty around us. Some disquieting things as well, like the snatch and grab. All in a day's observations.

  2. I agree... to be the watcher has its benefits... we just have to be patient

  3. I love Being the Observer.....watching all the vignettes play out. I loved this, Robin!

  4. You ended o a note of 'eye candy' good for you 😊

    Happy Sunday Robin

    Much love...

  5. Loved how you remind us to observe.

  6. Yes sometimes it pays to observe and be patient 💖💖

  7. I did like the 4th stanza so much. Lovely poem in and of itself.

  8. Don't just do something, sit there!

  9. The cadence and rhyme are 'bang on' in this cleverly rendered piece.

  10. I like watching my world - we miss so much unless we pause and take it in.
    Anna :o]

  11. Oh yes, the role of observer is richly rewarding!