Saturday, 27 October 2018

The write place

I work in a study with a high window
The white clouds race by but I can't see below
Just me and a shelf of reference books
Nobody walks past or gives me odd looks

I compose my poems direct to keyboard
It is old hardware but all I can afford
My best aid is a rhyming dictionary 
Plus of course a very good memory

Much comfort is felt with high back office chair
With cushion, which can swivel without care
Waste paper basket waiting there at my side
For trash that I've written and now want to hide

Okay there is a bookcase filled to the brim
Just swivel and reach out to pick on a whim
To give inspiration when brain starts to fade
See what I've writenn, will get accolade

The skies are darkening it's time for a meal
So I print out my work to see how I feel
As I read my draft my heart pit-a-pats
Later I'll post it and in come the congrats

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  1. It is good to read another somebody who doesn't keep a notebook. Your writing place sounds warm and friendly. And this is what I like about writing on the computer- all I have to do is hit the delete button and poof! All of my silly stuff is gone. I love your rhymes in this. Thank you for writing to my prompt.

  2. I like the punning title, Robin! I mostly compose on the keyboard too, my hands don't always work so well. I agree about the importance of a comfortable chair with a cushion!

  3. I too liked the titular pun. Also, this setting seems so warm and comfortable — a surrounding of books is perhaps the best place for writing.

  4. This is how I should write instead of slouched wherever i have time... but I do carry my bookshelves with me at all times. :-)

  5. I can envision this in my mind- excellent!

  6. I love this, Robin, especially the heart going pit a pat in anticipation. Smiles.

  7. You paint a very real scene and I can imagine you there.