Sunday, 28 October 2018

Staring at stars

We sat on the stumps beneath willow trees
Staring at stars in the darkening skies
Silver specks were winking down at us two
We kissed, we made love and I heard your sighs

A few years has passed since you went away
I lost you, no more did I hear your voice
Even your brother not allowed to say
Then one sunny day how I did rejoice

You returned to your old family home
Did not seek me out or give me a ring
It was as though I were a burdock plant
That I was just a prickly worthless thing

That lost feeling of unrest saddened me
Until I saw you in the street one morn
Now taking a girl to nursery care
I walked with you and found when she was born

"Yes she's yours" she said "But I never told"
"My dad was so cross he'd have murdered you
I refused to tell him whose child it was"
I smiled "You know now what we have to do"

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  1. Ah there is always forgiveness and acceptance at the end as elders take our views into perspective. Lovely write, Robin!❤️

  2. Sweet reunion and baby makes three😊
    Happy Sunday Robin


  3. Sometimes in life we have to go a roundabout way to get to a good end.

  4. It is always a joy knowing of a happy ending!


  5. So happy for such an end... and not just one, you got two at once.

  6. This is so real: "It was as though I were a burdock plant
    That I was just a prickly worthless thing." It makes the rest possible, too. As usual, you bring just the right note to romance.

  7. the bittersweet turns into a fairy tale romance ~ lovely little story here ... :)

  8. Oh this story would make a good film, Robin. Well done.

  9. That ending made me smile. Your story is enchanting.

  10. It made me think of Romeo and Juliet (if things had turned out better). And what Sherry said!

  11. Wonderfully rendered (love the rhyme!) lines, that cascade - intriguing - to that happy - totally awesome - ending.

  12. In the end they find what they have always needed.

  13. In the end all works out! I enjoyed this, Robin!

  14. Another enthralling story, and I like this happy ending.