Sunday, 28 October 2018

Back in the '60's

I recall the misty mornings as a child
Getting up, bus to school then running wild
Dashing around the playground before the bell

Sitting in our classroom with an attentive look
Reading pages from a most boring book
But studying Maths was worse before the bell

Eager to rush out for the morning breaks
Running, laughing, playing until we would ache
Then back inside at the call of that bell

When finally at last we were set free
We'd catch the bus to take us home with glee
Before ourstop we would have to ring the bell

Then dash down our road where we had begun
Say "Hi" to Mum then into the woods would run
Then play in the trees and streams and bluebells

Cool breeze soon told us it was time to go home
So crossed the farmers field of ripening corn
Saw the old church and heard its tolling bells

When we got back Dad was home from work in town
Gave Mum some bluebells, she said so it's Spring!
Cooking food's smell was like a calling bell

After Dinner we found Dad was in a good mood
Suggested movies at drive in for the brood
He then said "Hope it doesn't rain pell mell"

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  1. Life in the 60's perfectly recalled complete with the drive-ins. How much fun it was!


  2. This makes me want to have recess pell mell!

  3. I remember drive-ins. This takes me back.