Friday, 2 November 2018

John Clare

I never used to write poetry
Until I found the man
That forever changed my view
On such rhyming verse
So then I thought, I can

Writing of his world for all to see
John Clare's work spoke to me
Peasant poet, he was called
Seeing through his eyes
Although a troubled man

His style was of course rural poesy
Taking readers with him
To that world many years past
Simple rural life
Read him, you'll be a fan

Here is his sonnet "I love to hear the evening crows go by"

I love to hear the evening crows go by
And see the starnels darken down the sky
The bleaching stack the bustling sparrow leaves
And plops with merry note beneath the eaves
The old and lated pigeon bounces by
As if a wary watching hawk was nigh
While far and fearing nothing high and slow
The stranger birds to distance places go
While short of flight the evening robin comes
To watch the maiden sweeping out the crumbs
Nor fears the shout of passing boy
But pecks about the door and sings with joy
Then in the hovel where the cows are fed
Finds till the morning comes a pleasant bed

Starnels -Starlings

British poet John Clare b 1793 d 1864

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  1. I love how you got into the words of your favorite poet... (which was new to me)... the rural in his words talk to me..

  2. I discovered John Clare some years ago. I found his rural poems lovely and fresh.

  3. He certainly is quite something Robin!❤️ Exquisite write.

  4. Oh I love this and I'm not familiar with John Clare's work. Thank you so much for introducing him to me. Also than you so much for taking part in the prompt.

  5. Peasant poet ~~~ love that.

  6. John Clare is one poet I'd like to study more closely. Lovely, Jim. Thanks for sharing.