Thursday, 25 October 2018

The monster in the sea

I don't know why I decided
To fossick down at Cut Face Cove
But here I met a cute maiden
Singing with whom I fell in love

But no words did that girl utter
As she glared at me face to face
Shook her head meaning "No! No!"
As I picked up trove from that place

Her mournful singing had no words
Her deep green eyes wept salty tears
Her dress was but green draping wrack
But I saw more which were her fears

Somehow she told me silently
Of how the sea her home was trashed
She pointed beyond the harbor
Told of fear and death unabashed

Of starving whales and poisoned seals
The death of coral reefs and fish
Not one word spoke, her eyes said it all
Stop killing was her poignant wish

Suddenly my mind finally woke
I realized the awful truth
Man was the monster in the sea
She was right we were the uncouth

Image copyrighted and is an Isadora Gruye photograph        


  1. I really like how you're monster is no monster at all, but a warning and a guardian. Well done and thanks for posting!

  2. Robin, you and I are singing the same song today. I love the image of your maiden, dressed in green wrack. You would have loved the beach today - foggy with HUGE waves. Glorious!

  3. Also our beach shows lots of oil wells offshore. The sands are grey, not white due to erosion from the upper lands filling the Gulf (of Mexico) close to land. I liken this to our fish Betsy, her bowl when it needed cleaning yesterday.

  4. A sad tale - humans have a lot to answer for.

  5. But of course we are the monsters afraid of the truth

  6. Oh yes... there is no worse monster than us...

  7. Startling when you realize just who the monster really is.