Sunday, 7 October 2018

Fine Balance

I woke to find your warm arm across me
Your nose nestled in my neck
Breathing softly still sleeping
You had left him after a fight
Bout of tumult then seeking solace with me

I was quite delighted I must say
Settling so well in my home
Bringing clothes and girly togs
With my help and full waste bins
To keep you safe from any affray

Crowds of clouds skeet behind garden's trees
You're still sleeping by my side
How long 'ere I lose you too
Breaking another man's heart
Love comes so easy in your twenties

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  1. Our hearts are definitely more inclined towards love during the twenties 😊💞

  2. This is very sweet really, and it portrays SO well the delight in waking up with the beloved by one's side. A beautiful love.

  3. Nice one Robin, always a delight to read your romance poems. Happy Sunday

    much love...

  4. That closing line is so true, so true! The older I get, the harder it is to give (and get) love. Or maybe it's just me.

  5. I love the question, how long before she leaves him, too. Twenties is the time for broken hearts for sure.

  6. Sometimes we just have to enjoy to be that safe haven before the ship set sail again.

  7. I am 66 and still my heart goes pitter-patter...a nice love poem.

  8. ...and another man's sorrow may soon be yours. Young love is not always discerning, for sure!

  9. a fascinating and yet unexpected (for me) poem. I wasn't expecting the tension of the 4th line (1st stanza) - so this added the dimension and edge that unfolds in the rest of the poem; a great counterpoint/play between the newness of a romance, and wondering, if ... when, will heart break come, if it will, this time ... or not.

    A subtly worded and well executed "romance" poem indeed.

  10. The saddest part of the poem is knowing it won't last. I think love is not age discriminatory. We all want to hold on to that loving feeling.

  11. I love how you manage to be such a story-teller as well as poet. This captures that time of life so well, along with the sweetness of waking up together.

  12. Love comes easy in your twenties.. it does! it does!

  13. what a delightful romance poem.
    "Love comes so easy in your twenties" : it's true, when one tends to think more with the heart than the head. :)

  14. It seems love always comes is its leaving that is difficult...

  15. Yes the 20s is a very different time although some are cursed never to think with the head, always idealistic and altruistic to the end.