Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The owl and me

The owl opened one eye and looked at me
As I stared at him in the old oak tree
I was standing on a small grassy mound
And quite unaware of the stir of life
At my feet some ants were now causing strife

I felt their first bites on my legs and feet
So ran off to get a far better seat
Fallen log seemed to be the best idea
I looked up to see the owl leave his seat
Flew up and snatched a brown snake at my feet

So this set me wondering about our Earth
With humans thinking we got the top berth
Okay he merely saw a potential meal
Same time he saw that I'd do him no ill
Did two jobs, saved me with food in his bill

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  1. Good Old Owl - seeing what you didn't with his keen eyesight, saving the day.
    A lovely story!
    Anna :o]

  2. A magical owl it was in the speaker's as well as in the reader's eyes. Love the rhyme and rhythm.

  3. The be a "cute," write! The owl and the brown snake.

  4. I love this story! Yesterday, walking into the village, I watched a heron settle on the very tiptop of a very tall tree and stand still there, like a statue, for the longest time.

  5. Wow. We are so shorted sighted compared to this precious bird
    Nice write Robin.


  6. What a near miss! Hurrah for the wise old owl for looking after you! A fun read.

  7. A good managed to get a clear message across with this delightful write. Multi-tasking at its best!

  8. The owl saved the day with his keen eyes. I went for a walk today and had an encounter with a snake.

  9. I think that humans nver give animals and birds nearly enough credit. Watching the simple sparrows and other birds at my feeder, I see that they know my dog doesn't really mean them any harm, though he makes a ceremonial charge once in a while. They know what time i normally fill the feeder, and what time i usually don't. As for my dog, he amazes me every day with how much he observes and how he knows how to work me for a cookie.

  10. Saved by an owl! I enjoyed this poem, Robin.

  11. Amen to that wonder! Take what you need and leave the rest.

  12. Birds really do watch us - I used to live at the edge of a woods. I'd sit in a chair silently and after being still for about five minutes they would forget about me and it was SO MUCH FUN watching the interactions going on = crows were delightful to watch.