Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Warm as toast

The brash and ruddy face of Autumn falls
As do the leaves now the fruit is gone
The cold wind reminds us of blankets
And wife is now busy making jam
How creative women are, first babies
Sewing, knitting, jig-saws and more

She looks up shy, smiling, beautiful
I bend down, kiss her and breathe her in
She's as warm as toast and marmalade
Which she made this time last year, I think
October's a cosy time of year
Especially cuddled up indoors

Image found at http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/family-home/home-garden/home-made-jam-is-back-in-fashion


  1. Ah, cuddled up indoors is something beautiful when it's getting cold. Your romantic images have such a tenderness to them. I like how you evoke the sense of autumn here. :-)

  2. Warm smells of home cooking...by man or woman... just so comfortable.

  3. Oh this is absolutely lovely to read and envision, Robin! 💖

  4. The kitchens are filled with delicious smells this time of year - jams, stews - yum. :)

  5. cozy reading and lovely memories :)

  6. Ha.. in our house I do also cook marmalade... but we eat them together which is the most important

  7. Nice cozy poem. Cuddling indoors, wonderful.

  8. This is so sweet Robin! It was a delight to read. It is warm as toast indeed!

  9. I'd say I want someone like that in my home as well! :)

  10. Yeah I'd like to just stay indoors, like in a cocoon.