Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Eyes that sparkle

In this hectic city life
Do you know what I really miss?
No! Not a blissful country wife
But the company of a sweet miss

Pert and pretty, thats the one!
With eyes that sparkle like the stars
Whose radiant face shines like the sun
But she's from Venus and I'm from Mars

I found her the other day
She smiled at me, Boy was that bliss!
Not long before she said "Okay"
Tell you boy, does she know how to kiss!

Image found at https://pixabay.com/en/couple-love-kiss-girl-boy-romance-1502614/


  1. cute and upbeat - with some lovely rhyming that paces this along quite well :)

    and bliss comes in all forms and shapes ... while it lasts, for whatever tastes we may choose in the moment, as the flavour of the _____ day, week, month, years? LOL ... Fun to read and enjoy this for the delight of the writing :)

  2. Tell you boy, does she know how to kiss!

    That is a real 'wow' Robin, to stir things up and could lead to further developments in the relationship!


  3. Bliss comes in different varieties — this one is hearty and sweet! I also enjoyed the playful rhyme. :-)

  4. Sometimes that is all we have to hold on to. Memories of "bliss" and a "sweet little miss." In doing so, we often miss of the "bliss," of this very moment. (Who are you really, what do you really think?)

  5. Hey, hey, Robin. Mrs. Jim and I were talking just before I came here. My words of wisdom, "Girls can have their 'boy toys' but men are in trouble when they have 'girl toys.'"

  6. She sounds like a catch. Look after each other.