Thursday, 2 August 2018

He looks from the mirror

You look at me jealously
With a smirk on your face
I think you're my brother
Who had fallen from grace

That is putting it lightly
Every task you would meet
Whatever you would touch
Fell ruined at your feet

All the money that you made
Paid for pleasures alone
When the bills all came in
Cash for those you had none

So I learned so much from you
Though you've gone heavenward
I value that fine lesson
It still pricks like a sword

Your smug face in the mirror
Does reflect every day
For money you receive
Do not squander away

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  1. While the narrator learned so much from this person, it seems he himself learned little. Some never do, amazingly.

  2. Somebody's been skewered here...a past self?

  3. Lessons learned and reminders daily. Kind of scary though what is,seen in b the mirror, reminders may not be needed here.

  4. You saw the foolishness of another in the mirror, the lessons he didn't learn, but you learned from his errors. Thank goodness, you didn't follow his path. Thanks so much for taking part in the prompt!

  5. I love how you can learn from other's mistakes... but so sad to watch them go under.

  6. Looking in the mirror and seeing the face of a family member seems a normal thing to do but in your poem you've made it a different kind of experience, Robin - a life lesson.

  7. Sibling rivalry ... you came out way ahead!!