Sunday, 5 August 2018

In disbelief

We climbed the hill and ran down the dale
To the babblling brook down there
Your fingers entwined in mine
How soft they were, how divine
As I observed your sweet neck
And the way you flicked your ponytail

Wild crocuses grew on the river's bank
Small fish darted in the stream
Leaves rustled way up above
Then as a token of your love
You wrapped your arms around me
I stopped as I smelled something rank

It was a body with maggots galore
"No" you said in disbelief
I called the police at once
And so quick was their response
As you sat down some way off
While I explained things to the law

They let us go, getting each address
I took you back home again
Your face was so pale and sad
You'd had enough that was bad
Then ran straight upstairs to bed
Your Ma made a cup of tea, for stress

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  1. You have written of a terrible event, unexpected.