Thursday, 30 August 2018

Those days have passed

"Those days have passed" she said to me
As I gently touched her calm face
Recalling those sweet memories
Of weeks before we both left school

We used to go to the town's park
To kiss in the dark shelter there
Or walk up the mounds winding path
Holding her warm hand, which was cool

She's right of course those days have gone
We both went our separate ways
That look in her eyes is still there
My heart still leaps, Oh what a fool

Just why does love endure so long
I guess she is still part of me
Now locked in my brain evermore
It hurts to leave my girl from school

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  1. Aww. This feels very young and old too. You've found a great voice to tell the poem in. Thanks! k.

  2. In your youth and in your older age - love never leaves although people often do.

  3. The first love is unforgettable no matter what.

  4. Yes, people leave, maybe that is one of those important lessons, people pass through our lives, but do not follow the same path, we are grateful for them.

  5. Brings back the mood of "best friends forever" when kids are actively denying the suspicion that they'll have outgrown each other next year...

  6. I think of the boy I adored in high school. Sigh. Lovely poem, Robin.

  7. I feel this can be a memory from way back. So nice to have a such memories, but it seems a sorrow that you carry.