Sunday, 29 July 2018

Eyes all aglow

I travelled back to where you were born
A trip I had promised you
When your fate was spelled out one morn
By the specialist treating you

We hoped of course this was not true
As treatment the bad signs did quell
But sadly in your heart you knew
That your disease was your death knell

I climbed the staircase one last time
And kissed your lips as you slept on
Not to wake for me anytime
You were still here but you had gone

I booked a flight to old England
Where you had a favorite place
A lake you would swim with your friends
As three scholgirls all shy in face

What better gift could I give you
Than place your ashes happily
To swim in the lakes water now
Whispering pines and bobbing lily

The years have passed for everyone
I have been back to say hello
And pictured three girls squealing there
Splashing water, eyes all aglow

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  1. A loving tribute to your wife, Robin. May her memories live forever, in your heart.

  2. This is so beautiful. Have a good Sunday Robin

    much love...

  3. The cycle of life.. such a poignant piece

  4. This is sweet, Old Egg, sweet and bitter at the same time. The poem indicates a great, tender and enduring love.

  5. What a wonderful thing you did for your wife, to place her ashes in the lake she enjoyed as a child. Such strong and enduring love, which continues on and is always visible and strongly felt in your poetry. This is one of my recent favorites of yours.

  6. Ah, Robin, what a sweet man you are. I can see her girlish face, eyes all aglow. She was so fortunate in her choice of a husband.

  7. Loss of a loved one is so sad and ongoing.A very sad but lovely poem

  8. Oh Robin, you are a wonderful person! I can't help but wish that guys these days could be as romantic and sincere as you! A lovely and poignant poem 💖💖

  9. What a perfect tribute to your wife... to go back is perhaps what we all want in the end...

  10. You are the master of bittersweet, Robin... with emphasis on the sweet. I can hear their squeals through your words, feel the love you shared, see the glow...

  11. No better tribute, dear poet, except maybe this poem.

  12. This is so incredibly beautiful.

  13. A moving piece--I'm going to look out the window for a minute to catch my breath--lovely.

  14. This is utterly beautiful Robin! A tribute to a deep and eternal love! 💔

  15. This is so beautiful. I, literally have tears in my eyes. Absolutely, a favorite of yours, for me, Robin. What a lovely tribute to your love.

  16. How touching! Beautiful shots Robin! It takes great courage and resolve to travel half the world to usher in the wonderful memories of yesteryear's!


  17. OH, this is a heart touching tribute, sire. It's beautiful how you encountered your visits to that cherished place. It makes it sad too but such is the love we immortalize in our tales.

  18. Sweetly sad yet happy, to contemplate those young girls full of the joy of life ... and to know that one of those lives was so well and lovingly lived, albeit cut short.

  19. the poem has a peacefulness I hope you feel

  20. Touching remembrance Robin...

  21. A beautiful write Robin of how love lives on, forever painted and felt in our hearts and memories.
    You are indeed a good man.
    Anna :o]

  22. such a lovely poem, Robin :) ladylee x

  23. Such a tender, honorable tribute, Robin. Bittersweet as life often is.