Thursday, 9 August 2018

The girl sat awhile

The girl sat awhile, gazing out over the waves
I paid her no mind as I walked to the jetty's end
Was splashed by the incoming tides angry foam
So thumbed my nose at Neptune, should have stayed at home

I turned and strolled along, the wind now at my back
The girl had stood and then on the railings did climb
It then struck me she meant to jump right off the pier
I'll not forget that her face showed no sign of fear

I started to run hoping she'd change her mind
Her sad eyes were not for me but the welcome surf
I ran and managed to grab her before she flew
She screamed "No please let me go, if you only knew"

Sobbing in my arms, she moaned as we sat all alone
"Nothing 's so bad that you should lose your life" I said
She shook her head "My parents are cross can't you guess?"
"Boyfriend's gone, with baby on the way; what a mess!"

I took her to a kiosk for a cappuccino
"Thank you" she said "I didn't know what to do"
"I'll take you back home, decide if you want to keep it"
"With or without the baby it is best not to quit"

We walked to my car and drove to her parents house
"I didn't feel well, this man kindly drove me home"
That was the last I saw of her, she rang but once
Said, "Babe's come, I kept him, I really was a dunce"

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  1. This tells a story of how kindness, at just the right moment, saves lives. I loved it, Robin. You have such a good heart.

  2. sometimes the unexpected unfolds, in a moment when life seems to be going about its business - and one never knows when a crisis for one is the other's saving grace, in some way. an intervention and anything can change, in a heartbeat - and time, well, time can heal as the tides of understanding and perception change -

    lovely story here ~ the silver lining for the clouds of sadness and despair ...

  3. New life, a Mother. But she didn't sound very excited about being one. Some day she might be glad your guy rescued her from drowning herself.

  4. Little we pass through this life.

  5. This is sweet; a reflection of how we can be there for each other.

  6. I agree with Anmol. It sounds like she was saying she was a dunce to consider drowning herself. I hope the baby made it all worth it.

  7. It takes a lot when faced with such a sticky situation. Good that she decided to keep the baby.