Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Before our eyes

I can smell the smoke of the forest fires
And see trash floating in the Coral sea
I lose count of the bins full of plastic waste
You're right this world was a beautiful place

Oh where are the days of the paper bag?
When fruit and veg' we always washed at home
Not wrapped as now in so much plastic film
While tycoons sneer at the world; such disgace

The seas are killing fish, whales and much more
The climate's changing and we wonder why
We see wild fires burn as never before
You're right this world is a peculiar place

The Arctic ice caps melt, this is so bad
Starving polar bears mourn their now dead cubs
Few birds migrate south to visit us
Their homes in Asia built on disgrace

Who cares that our dear world changes so fast
When money builds in people's bank accounts
As the Earth dies sadly before our eyes
You're right this world is a horrendous place

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  1. I like this a lot, although it is terribly depressing. The truth often is, I suppose. Thanks for writing. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. I agree with your parting comment.. an astute poem

  3. Ha, there's forest fire and whale in my poem too, Robin. I love how your poem closes. How sad we're still taking this home of ours for granted! Wonderful lines.

  4. Your poem moves masterfully from beautiful to peculiar to horrendous in an expose crisp and swollen with detail. We will have to pay, all of us. And I care.

  5. There is an awful harsh truth in your words Robin and the images, especially so the second, are haunting.
    There is still money to be made by those who sell our earth our future for the want of a dollar. Oh that they would open their eyes.
    Anna :o]

  6. Such powerful quatrains — you say all that needs to be said. Again and again, till it becomes a deafening roar one can not ignore. The "You're right..." refrain works so well.

  7. You have written it as it is, my friend, and it grieves my heart. The rich will find they cant eat, drink and breathe money - they may find that out sooner than they think.

  8. So depressing but alas, all too true. the rich are going to murder us all.

  9. Sadly we are terrible stewards to such a bountuful place. Thans you dear Robin for telling it as it is
    Happy you dropped by mh blog

    Much 🌈love

  10. As the Earth dies sadly before our eyes
    You're right this world is a horrendous place

    It is a dog eat dog situation very much sustaining oneself first before that of others!


  11. You're quite right, Robin, humans are devastating the planet with their poisonous waste. It was once a place of untouched beauty and we've ravaged it to what seems like the point of no return. But I believe that Mother Earth knows how to look after herself and she is still beautiful - she's just biding her time.

  12. "tycoons sneer at the world"--love that line, as it captures what has become epidemic in our world today.

  13. This is as angry as it should be. Well said, Robin.

  14. Such truth in your words. Nice to find you again in the blogging universe. I've been absent from creatively writing for a while. Perhaps I'm back. We shall see. At least I am back to reading the works of others, and as harsh as this truth is to accept, you have a way with words, and I enjoyed reading it!

  15. I like the way this moves from what was to the ugly truth.