Sunday, 26 August 2018

Mary Ann

Audacious would I call Mary Ann
Little minx quite aware of her charms
She smiled and flirted her way up
From mere office girl to bosses aide
Who probed and check us minion's work

Granted that she had got her degree
It was the way she'd spoken to us
At school she'd kiss each one for fun
Thinking she could control us now
As though that gift was some kind of deal

That was not the case with Thomas Bates
Left school and missed that gift of hers
Thought dating would be a good idea
The joke then made a terrible turn
She turned him down, and his fate was sealed

This all happened at the end of Spring
But I learned of it much later on
His corpse was found close to a farm gate
Meanwhile the culprit was rounded up
Young Mary Ann copped a fifteen year span

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  1. Goodness, that is quite a twist! There's no truth to that, right? Surely it's fiction.

  2. Like a murder ballad. A chilling story.

  3. Good story! I was expecting one whom everyone loved and who sifted sand down by the seaside.

  4. Oh, now that was a different take on the prompt and I like it.