Sunday, 12 August 2018

Boys night out

Father and son to the pub they go
To quench their thirst on this cold night
Downing beers and ales to their delight
Sozzled faces gleaming with a glow

Meanwhile the missus at home alone
Watches the television sat down
Now ready for bed in her nightgown
Starved of love, dreams of another one

Who rescues her from her parlous state
And on his horse they gallop away
She holds him tight for a night of play
Their bodies entwined 'til very late

Meanwhile the men sway with the grog's grip
Get cluck from the barmaid and the boss
Against their will from the inn are tossed
So wayward home do stumble and trip

A blast of night air cools their spirits some
As they battle the wind's icy blast
To reach their own front door at last
And find missus nursing a pillow at home

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  1. Oh, this is so reflective of the histories and myths of 'the other' sex. The times are changing, albeit too slowly. This traditional hierarchy of fun and frolic for men and domesticity of women has to be buried now.
    A tender, powerful verse with a significant politics around it.

  2. Great story telling.. a sad tale perhaps but superbly written

  3. No wonder the missus have gone through such metamorphosis these days :D

  4. Ah it's the story of almost every culture and household. The men frolick and gallop outside while the women tend to chores. Smiles.

  5. Really a sad tale. If I was the missus I would make my exit quicktime. Sounds like these boys' nights out are a pattern. She deserves more than she has.

  6. Nice one Robin. Happy Sunday

    much love...

  7. I'm with Mary. Thankfully the world seems to have moved away from that paradigm, or at least most of those in my acquaintance have. I'm heading out for an afternoon at tea festival with my old college roommate in the fall. The poor husband would be bored to tears if I tried to make him go to that. :D

  8. That line about nursing a pillow is so stirring --- as if her baby is a phantom. How heartbreaking.

    I love the joy in the opening --- father and son hanging out.

  9. i like how your poetry are stories Old Egg. great write!

  10. It is a story I do not like. A little time alone is not a bad thing, perhaps the little woman, needs some time to herself? What what she wants on the TV?
    Boy night out, is not just for the boys!

  11. This is terribly sad. I always wonder why some women stay. I would've already bought my own horse and hit the road.

  12. It started off so nicely, father and son, till we see the lonely wife at home, waiting for two drunken louts to arrive. You have told this story so well, Robin, and it is one lived in many families.

  13. Excellent storytelling through a poem! I enjoyed the read.

  14. I agree: great storytelling. 'Boys night out' - as with 'Girls night out', I have long thought - are very quaint idioms for an activity that is often far less benign than the 'pub patrons' would have us believe.

  15. So perfectly described – and I fear too often true.

  16. A very confronting truth for many women.

  17. cool read for father and son, poor wife though!